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There are plenty of plants that you can keep in your house without having to worry about whether your cat would be harmed. If you learn about the right houseplants, you need not worry about your cat chewing them. Decorating your home is great, but making it comfortable for your pets is also necessary. So it is important not only to choose safe houseplants but also the ones that are good for your cat. Herein, we discuss certain houseplants that your cat can not only be around but also nibble on.

1. Catnip
This long-lasting herb of the mint family is the houseplant cats seem to like the most. It contains a chemical called nepetalactone that triggers quite the response when cats encounter catnip. Cats inhale the aromatic oils of catnip, where they encounter special receptors. These receptors affect the cat’s behavior. Catnip is an easy-to-grow houseplant and is easily available from most nurseries in the herb section.

2. Cat grass
Cat grass is a low-maintenance plant that is grown from barley, oats or wheat seeds. You can find a variety of cat grass kits at a local pet store, including seeds, potting containers, and soil. All you’ll need is to maintain by providing a proper amount of water and sunlight. Cat grass will help your cat has his or her very own organic garden and helps them engage in natural behavior. These indoor gardens provide your cat with a healthy alternative from nibbling on a pesticide-laced lawn.

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