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Corona Virus Outbreak In China And United States: Signs And Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment.

Coronavirus is a newly discovered virus in China and the United States. It has been reported to have claimed 25 lives and infected 500 other victims in China. This virus is fast spreading all over China, and more people are infected on a daily basis.

– The first Case in the United States was discovered and reported on the 21/01/2020 involving a Chinese returning from a holiday in China. The victim has been hospitalized for further treatment. To avoid the spread of this virus, the US government should quarantine and setup a clearing zone for immigrants to counter the spread of this virus. The Chinese government has also put in place medical standards and approaches to prevent the spread of this virus and administering treatments to already affected persons. Due to the trade relations between Nigeria and China, a constant flow of immigrants from China to Nigeria, and the population density in Nigeria, constant mingling of Chinese and Nigerians in economic and business activities, the possibility of Nigerians been affected is on the high side. The UK authorities in Heathrow have set up a clearing zone to counter the spread of this virus, other countries of the world are advised to take similar preventive measure, maintain good medical standards and approach. The Chinese are returning to African countries and other parts of the world after their annual celebrations to commence business and economic activities.

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